Scrip Program

The FW United FC is happy to offer scrip to our members.

All orders will be able to be dropped off at The Plex North office anytime before 7:00pm on Tuesday.  Then, all "in stock" Cash and Carry items may be picked up after Thursday at 10:00am.  Special orders and out-of-stock cash and carry items will be available the following Tuesday after 10:00am.  For consistency and planning purposes, all checks will be deposited on Friday the week of your order.


Important Scrip Information

  • Scrip accumulated may only be used for player fees or "extra" tournaments.

  • No reimbursements will be made for player fees paid by cash, ACH, check or credit card.  Any scrip accumulated after a payment was due will apply to future player fees only.

  • No reimbursement of scrip credit for players who are no longer with the Academy for any reason (ages out, injury, quit, etc.)  Any scrip balance remaining in an inactivated player’s account will be transferred to the FW United general scholarship fund.

  • To cover our expenses (shipping, supplies, etc.) of operating this program, we will retain 10% of the rebates received from your scrip purchases as an administration fee.  The maximum FW United will retain is $10/order.