National Premier League

 Erie Division:

  • Carmel United (IN)
  • Cincinnati United SC (OH)
  • Crew Juniors (OH)
  • Fort Wayne United FC (IN)
  • Grand Rapids Crew Juniors (MI)
  • Internationals SC (OH)
  • Michigan Jaguars FC (MI)
  • Michigan Wolves SC (MI)
  • Vardar (MI)
  • WAZA F.C. (MI)

Focused on long-term development, the NPL offers an opportunity for the country’s top soccer club/academy players to participate in consistent and meaningful high-level games.  Players will be scouted and evaluated by U.S. Soccer National Staff and Technical Advisors.

What does the NPL mean to Fort Wayne United FC?
NPL is a pre-academy league. Participating teams include US academy teams as well the top A-, B+ clubs.  United is one of only two clubs in the state who has been invited to be a club member of the NPL. This program is sponsored by Fort Wayne United and offered as an ODP program for players via a weekly selection process.  NPL teams will be composed of the best of the best and compete against the best in the region. Players selected to play in NPL games will receive communication approximately 1-2 weeks in advance. We can roster up to 26 players and move players up and down based on how they are developing and performing within their current league and training. This is a great opportunity for players and every effort should be made to participate when selected.
How will I be contacted if I am invited to play in a game(s)?
The team General Manager and/or lead coach will email or call individuals. Players will be given a time limit to respond after which the position will be given to the next player in line. We are trying to manager the pool and provide opportunities to everyone. Players could have some really consistent days and games that could earn them an opportunity. 
As a club we are expected to place high quality teams on the field, this is why we must go through a selection process program. We play with the best against the best and some players may not be ready for it, but this is a good goal and standard for many of our players.
*All families should frequently review the NPL web page.
Roster limitations per age group:
U13 Boys-16-17 Players (limited substitutions, there is re-entry)
U14 Boys- 16-17 Players (limited substitutions, there is re-entry)
U16 Boys-14 Players (limited on substitutions, no re-entry, 3 subs)
U18 Boys-14 Players (limited on substitutions, no re-entry, 3 subs)
For more information on NPL visit: www.nationalpremierleagues.com