Athletes With Purpose Training

The Fort Wayne United Futbol Club has teamed up with Athletes With Purpose(AWP) to provide Top Notch training for our players. 

The AWP soccer training program is based off the demands that the US national soccer team has to meet. Our training is geared to build total body strength and balance, core stability as well as elite speed and agility. Soccer players now at National level are being tested in:

1. Vertical Jump

2. Pro Shuttle (20 yard agility)

3. Arrowhead test

4. 20 yard and 40 yard sprints

5. Sit ups and pushups

6. 300 yard shuttle

7. Yo-yo / Beep test

AWP training for soccer players is geared to improve results in these tests as well as prepare the athletes for the physical demands of soccer. For the middle school teams we focus on body weight training and core stability as well as speed and agility training. For high school aged athletes our training is focused on weight training for strength and endurance in a circuit style format as well as speed and agility training. We have a transitional weight room program that teaches the basics of how a soccer player needs to lift as well as basic intro to the weight room. We appreciate the opportunity and are fully confident that the AWP soccer training program will exceed your expectations and redefine how soccer players train in Fort Wayne.